A Look at the Experian Business Credit Scoring System

What is the Experian Intelliscore Plus?

Intelliscore Plus Score Calculation

  • Payment History: The credit bureaus call this “recency” but in easy-to-understand terms, it’s nothing more than your history of paying bills on time (or not). This includes the number of times your account(s) become delinquent, the percentage of accounts that are currently delinquent, and your overall debt balance.
  • Frequency: Closely related to payment history, frequency factors in the number of times your accounts have been sent to collections, the number of liens and judgments you may have, and any bankruptcies related to your business or personal accounts. Additionally, frequency can include information about your payment patterns. Were you consistently slow or late with a payment? Did you start off paying bills late, but over time, decreased this behavior? These things will all be considered when calculating your score.
  • Monetary: This particular factor focuses on your credit utilization. For example, how much of your available credit is currently in use? Do you have a high ratio of delinquent balances compared to your total high credit or credit limits?

Intelliscore Plus Credit Score Range

Typical uses of Intelliscore

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