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Can a Sole Prop get Business Credit?

YES, absolutely. But is is highly advisable to do at minimum, the following:

1. Register a dba (‘doing business as’)

Example, John Smith is a sole prop owner-operator. Although the legal name of his business is John Smith, he should also register a dba ‘John Smith Trucking’ (or something similar). Not only would ‘John Smith Trucking be used on invoices, bills, it should also be used as the name for the business checking account (see next point). Credit reporting agencies will get the dba info from your state and begin to track your business.

2. Open and use a business checking account.

Lots of the truckers we work with (especially the old-timers) started with and continue to use a personal checking account, often for years and years. While there is nothing technically (or legally) wrong with this, its doing absolutely nothing for business credit. It’s never too late to open a business checking account, and it’s also extremely easy to do.

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