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Is BLF an SBA lender?

No. BLF is not an SBA lender.

BLF is what is commonly called an “SBA loan packager”. SBA packagers are industry professionals who assist business owners with both application assistance/presentation and loan placement.

Not all SBA lenders are the same.

While there are hundreds of SBA lenders across the country, not all of them are lenders who work with truckers. In fact the list of lenders that offer SBA financing to truckers changes all the time. Lenders, both SBA and non-SBA, frequently adjust their underwriting guidelines in response to the level of risk inherent in certain industries throughout economic and market cycles.

Currently (Jan ’24) the trucking industry has been labeled as ‘high risk’ by lenders. This is due to the ongoing volitivity that has plagued trucking since the Covid pandemic and has been slow to stabilize. Because BLF has our fingers on the pulse of the trucking industry we are adept at knowing the SBA lenders who are offering truckers financing.

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BLF is here to assist you

Our goal is to provide you with expert help and guidance for you needs. Whether you need funding or business services for your trucking company, you are in reliable hands.

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