Tutorials by Sean

FAQs and How To’s

How to Watch these tutorial videos

All the things you need to do when you first reach a Client


DOCS OUT Opened/Clicked Monitor List Views IMPORTANT!

How do I override the automation and do my own Docs out?

Checking your SIGNALS often is VERY Important!

Why working out of your TASKS menu is the best thing you could ever do!

How to override the 1st attempt, 2nd attempt automation (and why you would want to do this)

How to send an email to Tire Kickers and ‘call me later’s

Utilize Task Templates for commonly used Tasks (and save yourself some time)

How to Use TAGS

What do all these buttons do anyway?

How to make your own Email Templates

How to Customize your Lead List View

Keep a ‘cheap sheet’ handy during your calls

How to read all the FAQS about trucking loans and BLF

How to Customize your Home Screen

How to mass update many clients at once (including mass emails)

Click your Tasks in One step instead of Two

Send an email to Rodger with Client info when you need him as a wingman for Equip Finance

What does the ‘Email Monitor’ do?

Posting your Available or Unavailable Status for Live Transfers- Closers

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