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Can I build business credit if I have poor personal credit?

YES, you can absolutely build and maintain good business credit if your personal credit is poor.

This is because is Business credit history/scoring systems are completely different and separate from personal credit history/scoring systems. Personal credit is based upon your FICO score– a blend of your scores at the three major credit reporting agencies; Trans Union, Experian & Equifax. Business credit does not use FICO.

Personal Credit (FICO)

Your personal FICO credit score is based on the way you manage personal credit, from your payment history to your recent credit applications. These transactions are reported through:

  • Trans Union
  • Experian (Personal)
  • Equifax (Personal)

Business Credit

Business credit is based on how long you’ve been in business and your business payment history. These transactions are reported through:

  • Dunn & Bradstreet
  • Experian Intelliscore
  • Equifax Business

It’s worth mentioning that some lenders, particularly when the requested loan size is substantial (ex. SBA) may want to see the credit for both the business and the owner/guarantor of the loan. However, even in these cases a good business score can and will compensate for personal credit issues.

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