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Is Credit Repair a Scam?

Credit repair is not inherently a scam, but it is an area where you must proceed with caution. The industry has both reputable companies and individuals who legitimately assist consumers in improving their credit scores, as well as disreputable and/or unqualified entities that offer false promises and fail to deliver results.

You can do it yourself but-

Legitimate credit repair involves working with credit reporting agencies to correct or remove inaccurate or outdated information from your credit reports. This process is something anyone can do on their own; however, it can be time-consuming and complex. Legitimate credit repair services offer to manage this process on behalf of the consumer, often providing expertise and knowledge about credit laws and credit reporting practices.

Bad Actors

There are entities in the credit repair industry that exploit consumers, making promises they cannot keep, such as claiming they can remove accurate but negative items from credit reports or promising a quick fix to credit scores. These are typically the operations that give the industry a bad name and are what many people refer to when they talk about credit repair being a scam.

It is also worth noting that the personal credit repair industry has recently become the breeding ground for all sorts of credit repair ‘gurus’. These so called experts mislead entrepreneurially-minded individuals into signing up for a course to become a credit repair expert. Most of the time those that sign up for these courses are led to believe they know what they are doing, when in fact they don’t. This only compounds the overall problem in the industry.

Red flags to watch out for:

  • Promises of a Quick Fix: Repairing credit takes time. Companies promising overnight improvements are likely not being truthful.
  • Demands for Upfront Payment: Under the Credit Repair Organizations Act, credit repair companies cannot require you to pay until they have completed the services they promised.
  • Guarantees to Remove All Negative Information: It’s not possible to remove all negative items, especially if they are accurate. A legitimate company will be honest about what can and cannot be removed.
  • Failure to Explain Your Rights: Legitimate companies should inform you of your rights and the actions you can take on your own without paying any fees.
  • Poorly designed/no websites: If you come across a credit repair company with a shoddy website (or a @gmail.com email address) you should assume the same low level of professionalism in everything else they do. Stay away.

BLF doesn’t really endorse any credit repair agencies because most of the time we assist our clients ourselves with any credit issues. However, there are a few out there that perform well. But, it often comes down to the goals of the client. Feel free to drop us a line if you would like us to vet any credit repair company that you are considering hiring for the job. We’ll make sure you are in good hands.

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