1. Consulting

Included with: All R.I.G. membership levels

Service type: On Demand

Helping you make sound business decisions.

A business consultant is an advisor who has experience in all aspects of running and growing a business wisely. Because BLF specializes in small trucking companies, we are uniquely equipped to assist you with anything. This might be a simple one question phone call, or a tackling a larger problem. 

How Consulting Works on the RIG

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to see results?

The time required to see tangible results varies depending on the specific challenges your business is facing and the areas of focus. However, many of our clients begin to see positive changes in operational efficiency and financial management within a few months. Our goal is to provide long-term strategies that contribute to your company’s sustained growth. This is the whole reason we created the R.I.G.

Will this be a long term relationship?

We sure hope so. Sustained growth requires ongoing support and strategy refinement. Long-term partnerships allow us to continually monitor progress, adapt strategies as needed, and provide ongoing guidance to ensure your trucking business reaches its full potential.

What if I am only a sole prop or owner/operator?

Owner-operators are actually who will benefit from R.I.G. membership more than anyone. While larger companies tend to have support staff, owner operators have to juggle multiple roles in their business. And truth be told, a lot of owner operators are great at all things freight, but not so great at business management. Especially truckers with less than a few years experience under their belts.

Will I deal with one consultant only?

Yes. All R.I.G. members have a dedicated consultant (at time of writing, our CEO Sean Hawley). All of us at BLF love and root for our truckers to succeed at every stage of their business. For a proper consulting relationship to work, both sides (client and consultant) need to build a strong relationship together. This is important so that the trust goes both ways. In fact, we’re sure that after a while you will even become good friends.

What happens if I cancel my R.I.G. membership?

As long as you are a paying member of the R.I.G. you will receive all of the benefits included in your plan. This does not mean that should you cancel, we would stop taking your calls in the future. Everyone at BLF is very accessible and helpful all the time.

Is there a limit on how many times I can access my consultant?

No. Your BLF consultant is available for you whenever you have a need or a question. You should always feel comfortable reaching out whenever you want. Although we’re not robots and cannot answer every call/email instantly all the time, communication will be prompt. Obviously, there needs to be a reasonable expectation that your consultant may be busy at times.

What’s not included

Just like truckers, BLF knows how to ‘stay in our own lane’.

Help with finding freight

BLF does not engage with any brokers, dispatchers or load boards.

Regulatory compliance

We are not able to help with DOT compliance or permit assistance.

Operational efficiency

BLF doesn’t have tools available for fleet management or route optimization (yet).

Driver management

We cannot assist with recruiting or hiring additional drivers for your fleet.

What we cannot do.

Find Loads.

BLF does not engage with any brokers, dispatchers or load boards. We do, however, aim to get all of our truckers off of dependence upon these services for their daily loads. This is done through other aspects of the R.I.G.

Operational Efficiency.

BLF consultants are generally not equipped with the skills to help with fleet management and route optimization. (*We are planning to roll out this service late 2023).

Regulatory Compliance.

We are not able to help with DOT compliance or permit assistance at this time.

Driver Management

Aside from the occasional referral of one BLF trucking client to another, we cannot assist with recruiting, hiring and managing additional drivers for your fleet.

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