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How do I find out my business credit rating?

You can check your business credit rating directly at each of the Business Credit reporting agencies:

Dunn and Bradstreet

D&B has a free business credit score checker right at their website. Note- they will try to get you to sign up for their extra package called ‘D&B Credit Insights Basic‘. Don’t bother, it’s just a bunch of stuff you dont need.


Like D&B, Experian allows you to check your Business credit score (called Intelliscore) at their website. And yes, just like D&B, they will try to sell you on something-business credit monitoring. While this service is actually pretty good, it isn’t really that necessary for most truckers, and we advise to skip it.

FYI- Equifax has recently began to offer business credit services. In our opinion don’t even waste your time. Why? Because 99% of all lenders don’t use it (mostly because it sucks).

Speak to BLF about how to establish and work on your Business Credit.

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