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Why don’t you have direct links to lender applications like other financial websites?

Nearly all of those types of websites, are ‘application mills’ for various lenders via a ‘pay per click/pay per app’ arrangement. Even websites like ‘Nerd Wallet’ and Fundera’, which give the illusion they are providing information, are basically application mills. This is also why all of those sites basically say the same thing on their blogs.

The main problem with these websites is that they have no consulting function or personalized service whatsoever. A clickthrough to a lending app from one of these sites is pretty much blindly applying and hoping for the best. This is a disservice to the applicant because it wastes a lot of time. Even worse, applying at the wrong lender will result in an unnecessary credit inquiry (or sometimes even an application fee).

BLF is a trucking consulting company that also performs loan packaging services. Our goal is not merely to send our clients off to some random lender(s), but to ensure they are applying at the right lender for their specific need. Our guidance is based upon everything we know about you, your business, and your goals. Without this

Submit an application for lending with BLF and let’s see what you’re eligible for.

BLF is here to assist you

Our goal is to provide you with expert help and guidance for you needs. Whether you need funding or business services for your trucking company, you are in reliable hands.

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